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Currently We is only me

I am Mary C. Busha (rhymes with Santa Fe) and have worked in publishing for a ton of years. I've been a managing editor of a daily newspaper, feature writer, book editor, book publisher, writer's coach, and writing workshop leader. And I've loved every minute of it. Well, maybe a few of those minutes have been somewhat stressful. But, truly, I have enjoyed my career all of these years, especially helping other writers get their work into print. 

Now it's my turn. I've retired all those others hats and am now wearing the hat of full-time writer and speaker. Breaking the Power of Negative Words is my first published work by a traditional publisher, Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.

About this first title

Having worked with the written word for many years, it was only relatively recently that I was reminded of just how powerful the spoken word is. When I began sharing this topic with others, many brought up words that were spoken to them as children, words they still carry with them. In fact, in many cases, they have become like childhood mottos and the guiding forces for how they live their lives, too often feeling defeated, unworthy, and often as victims. This need not be! There is freedom from hurting words, and there is hope for those who want to leave those words behind and move forward.

what readers are saying

One reader offered that over the years, she had been to numerous counselors but finding no relief from her hopeless state brought about by the demeaning and degrading words from her spouse. One sentence from the book helped set her free from years of strife. Anonymous

"Through practical words, key illustrations, and a mixture of Scripture and guidance, Mary Busha's book will assist readers in finding freedom in their lives."

Dr. Michael Sedler, author and speaker

"As a board-certified clinical neuropsychologist, I daily have the opportunity to see how words have the power to either build up or tear down--and either can have a lasting impact for decades. In Breaking the Power of Negative Words, Mary Busha gently guides the reader through the process of understanding the motive behind words, following the path to forgiveness, embracing their true identity and walking into the freedom provided by God's Word. She points out to readers the impact not only words spoken to them but also of their words spoken to themselves and others. This is the book for those truly desiring to heal from the power of negative words." 

Dr. Michelle Bengtson, board-certified clinical neuropsychologist and award-winning author

Portion of the proceeds

There are many injustices today. The one that most grabs at my heart is that of human trafficking. So a portion of the proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to the cause of human trafficking rescue efforts here in Marion County, Florida, and around the country.

upcoming events

Currently, I am speaking about the book to local service clubs, church small groups, neighborhood gatherings, and wherever I can share the book's message. Also, plans are in the works for a September, 2019, overnight women's retreat at the beautiful Lake Yale Baptist Conference Center in Leesburg, FL. Check out the Events page on this website for more information.


How can you get a copy of Breaking the Power of Negative Words? I'm glad you asked. They are available at local bookstores, online at Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and locally through me,  


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